Vietnam Chevening Scholarships

2015 - 2016
The Chevening programme grants awards to outstanding individuals with leadership potential from around the world. A Chevening Scholarship offers financial support to individuals wishing to study for a Master’s degree at the UK’s leading universities, along with the opportunity to become part of an influential and highly regarded global network.

Applicants from Vietnam can choose any course of study, but we particularly welcome applications in the following fields:
• Trade
• Science
• Economics
• Politics
• Media and Journalism
• Defence
• Human Rights
• Development
• Climate Change

A Chevening Scholarship in Vietnam includes:
• a monthly stipend
• travel to the UK from your country at the beginning of your award
• travel from the UK back to your country at the end of your award
• an arrival and departure allowance
• a thesis or dissertation grant
• the cost of one visa application
• university tuition fees up to £12,000. If the tuition fees of your chosen university course exceed this amount, you will be required to fund the remainder of your tuition fees.

This Award is closed to applications.