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Chevening British Library Fellowship: Academy and society in the Balkans 1850-1950

2018 - 2019
This fellowship is based in the Southeast European team within the British Library’s European Collections division. The team curates an internationally-significant collection of books, journals, newspapers and archival materials relating to the history, languages and literature, art and social sciences of Southeast Europe.
At present, the research potential of these collections is constrained by the fact that they are dispersed throughout the British Library’s online catalogues with varying levels of metadata and therefore hard to find, assess and promote as a collection. The fellowship provides the opportunity to address this. The Fellow will work with our curators, cataloguers and reference specialists in order to explore the collections and establish in detail, for the first time, their extent, breadth and depth. The Fellow will work with BL colleagues towards making the collections more readily accessible online, also helping to set them in their historical context. There will be opportunities for the Fellow to gain first-hand experience of the work of a major national research library, to develop and apply skills in metadata-enhancement, cataloguing and provenance research, and to engage actively with academic researchers and other potential users of the collections. The Fellow will work to identify complementary collections held in other UK institutions, as well as helping to identify complementary holdings in the countries of origin. Based on the findings, the Fellow will inform discussions relating to possible future BL international collaborative projects around the collections.

This Award is closed to applications.